Stainless Steel Metal Case Set of M1 100g - 1mg Weights

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Stainless Steel Metal Case Set of M1 100g - 1mg Weights.

M1 Tolerance.

All sets are supplied within a quality silver metal case. These weights are packed within the case for added protection to help avoid any losses. For the lighter weights as per listed a secondary compartment is within the case to avoid damage. Laboratory tweezers are included to help keep the weights clean and for easy pick up for use. ISO Calibration Certification can be provided. Please tick the box below if required when ordering. These weights are ideal for laboratories or in the catering industry etc.

The weights included in this set are as follows:

1 x 1mg              1 x 1g
2 x 2mg              2 x 2g
1 x 5mg              1 x 5g
1 x 10mg            1 x 10g
2 x 20mg            2 x 20g
1 x 50mg            1 x 50g
1 x 100mg          1 x 100g
2 x 200mg          
1 x 500mg