A15 Counting Scale

A15 Counting Scale

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(a) A15 Counting Scale E405 30kg x 2g
(b) A15 Counting Scale E405 60kg x 5g
(c) A15 Counting Scale E405 150kg x 10g
(d) A15 Counting Scale E405 300kg x 50g

A15 Counting Scales stainless platform size 435mm x 535mm. From 60kg/150kg to 300kg. Mains rechargeable battery operation. Ideal for stock taking applications.

More info
  • Stainless steel plate size 435mm x 535mm
  • Mains and rechargeable battery operation
  • A/D readability 1/30000 and minimum counting precision 1/10000
  • Zero-tracking range, Zero range (auto/manual) and Zero speed setup
  • Accumulation result display
  • Counting function selectable
  • Low battery alarm and auto power off protection
  • Input signal range: -2mV~13mV
  • Load cell Excitation: DC 5V
  • Max load cell connection: 6 at 350omh
  • LED display and status indicators
  • Optional interface: RS232C serial communication
  • Transmission distance: RS232C 30 meters
  • Power supply: AC187-242V 49-51Hz, DC 6V 4AH

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