M-230 Peadiatric Chair Scale

M-230 Peadiatric Chair Scale

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Marsden M-230 paediatric chair scale, light and easy to move, seat height adjustment, BMI, one piece seat

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  • Light and easy to move
  • Body Mass Index function
  • One piece seat so small children can be seated safely
  • Lower seat height
  • Fitted with data out port for connection to Marsden Printer
  • Standard height for push handles
  • Safety Harness fitted as standard
  • Approved ‘hold of weight’ feature Internal rechargeable battery pack giving 80 hours continuous weighing
  • Class III Approval
Capacity 125kg
Graduations 50g
Seat Dimensions 460mm x 380mm
Weight of scale 18
Height to hand grip 900mm
Height to top of seat 400mm
Power supply Mains/ rechargable battery (charger supplied)