TPWLK Logistics Series Pallet Truck Scale

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Professional pallet truck scale with extractable rechargeable Instplug battery and printer for tracking the weighing operations. Approved versions are available.


• Professional pallet truck scale, approved for legal-for-trade use.
• Available with the printer for tracking the weighing operations.
• Rechargeable extractable battery with "Instaplug" technology, quick connection, anti-reverse,
and about 80-hour battery life (expandable for continuous use using the double battery).
• Built with 4 Dini Argeo approved IP68 stainless steel load cells.
• Programmable automatic switch-off which lengthens the working autonomy, with battery level
• The large backlit 25 mm LCD display allows an easier reading also in low light conditions.
• Each pallet truck is tested and supplied with a certificate to guarantee the declared accuracy.

Model / Options Available 

TPWLK Standard - 2000kg x 0.2kg
TPWLK APPROVED - 1000kg / 2000kg x 0.5kg / 1kg
TPWLK with PRINTER - 2000kg x 200g 
TPWLK APPROVED with PRINTER - 1000kg / 2000kg x 500g / 1kg




• Forks with low profile, only 85 mm.
• Fork dimensions 1150 x 550 x 85 mm (wide forks version upon request).
• Lifting height 200 mm.
• Weight 113 kg approx. (without packaging).
• Structure in extra-thick steel, oven-fire painted.
• Protection rating I P65 (IP20 for models with printer).
• Driving wheels and loading rollers in polyurethane.
• Waterproof and functional keyboard with 17 keys, with indications for quick recall of the main
functions and adjustments.
• Quick-lift hydraulic pump.
• Battery charger 230Vac 50 Hz with EU plug included (charging time approx. 8 hours). Optional
UK, AU, US plug.
• Two-way port for modem, radio or portable terminal.
• Thermal printer in TPWLKP and TPWLKPM versions, including clock/calendar. Customizable
printing format.
• Temperature of use: -10° /+ 40°


• Maximum lifting capacity: 2,000 kg.
• Resolution:
   > internal use: 0,2 kg
   > approved: 0,5 / 1 kg• Accuracy (weighing of goods on Europallet with distributed load):
   > internal use: +/- 1 kg
   > approved: according to EC certification (Directive 2014/31/ EU)
• Configuration, calibration and diagnostics from keyboard or PC with DINI TOOL


• The only one without a junction box: the adjustment of each individual cell is done comfortably
from the keyboard.
• Spare and wear parts always available and ready for delivery.
• Service centres throughout Europe and the world.


• The user can select the operating modes directly using the dedicated key* :
- High-resolution display x 10
- Precision weighing with temporary recalibration via a sample weight (for internal factory use)
- Net/Gross
- Lb to Kg converter
- Free conversion factor (for meter and litre counters etc.)
- Weight totalizer
- Formulizer
- +/- controller with quick target and threshold input
- Percentage weighing
- Rece counter
- Hold

The “alibi memory” function is available in combination with the required operating mode and it
is activated automatically when installing the relevant optional board.

• Access to the user menu is gained using the dedicated key* to adjust the weighing filter, date
and time, setpoint and tare weight, which the user can access by entering a programmable access

These quick access keys to the menus can be blocked by configuring a dedicated password.

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