Radiolink Plus

Radiolink Plus

£ 1,750.00 
£ 2,100.00 inc. VAT

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a) 2500Kg x 1Kg
b) 5000Kg x 1Kg
c) 12000Kg x 2Kg
d) 25000Kg x 10Kg
e) 50000Kg x 10Kg
f) 100000Kg x 50Kg
g) 200000Kg x 100Kg
h) 250000kg x 100kg

Radiolink Plus with hand remote display. load capacities from 2500kg to the highest huge 250000kg. These are supplied with portable carry cases. Hire stock is available on a next day delivery sevice.

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Licence exempt radio version of the popular Loadlink. The range on standard Radiolink is 100 metres. Push button control for tare, hold, trough and peak hold. Radiolink is fitted with internal rechargeable batteries. Selectable units -tonnes and kN, others available on request.Up to fifteen Radiolinks may be displayed on the handheld display. May also be connected to a PC using our "Desktop Controller"software package.


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