Axle Weigh Pads LP7660

Axle Weigh Pads LP7660

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(a) 2 Weigh Pads LP7660-A9 Plate size 700 x 450 10000kg x 5kg
(b) 2 Weigh Pads LP7660-A9 Plate size 700 x 450 20000kg x 10kg
(c) 2 Weigh Pads LP7660-A9 Plate size 900 x 500 30000kg x 10kg

LP7760 Portable low profile Axle Scale with two low profile weigh pads. Capacities range from 10000kg to 30000kg. A9 weight indicator supplied with printer optional, pad size 700mm x 450mm or larger 500mm x 900mm.

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The LP7760 Portable Lowprofile Axle Scale has two lowprofile weigh pads with excellent performance for twinned wheel vehicles or vehicles with air suspension. Please check full specification and call our Sales team for any further advice.
Features include:
  • A9 Indicator with clear LCD backlight display, high speed micro-printer and AC/DC power supply with rechargeable battery
  • Weighing pads from 10000kg to a maximum of 30000kg 
  • Plate Size 700mm x 450mm or 500mm x 900mm
  • Weighing-in-motion speeds with high accuracy reccommended under 5km/h
  • Extra thin, lightweight detection platform, easy to handle
  • High accuracy static or dynamic weighing
  • Auto overload detection
  • Auto print function with Date/Time
  • Option to input vehicle numerical ID
  • AC/DC convertible battery supply up to 40 hours for continual working
  • Auto shut off
  • Battery voltage indication

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